Network Analysis

Research Papers on Social Networks

Steve Borgatti's research on social networks.

Management-Oriented articles

  • Cross, R., Parker, A., & Borgatti, S.P. 2002. Making Invisible Work Visible: Using Social Network Analysis to Support Strategic Collaboration. California Management Review. 44(2): 25-46. [pdf]

  • Cross, R., Parker, A., Prusak, L. & Borgatti, S.P. 2001. Knowing What We Know: Supporting Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Social Networks. Organizational Dynamics 30(2): 100-120. [pdf]

  • Cross, R.L., Parker, A. and Borgatti, S.P. 2000. A birds-eye view: Using social network analysis to improve knowledge creation and sharing. Knowledge Directions. 2(1): 48-61. [pdf]

Academic articles on organizational networks

  • Borgatti, S.P. and Molina, J-L. 2003. Ethical and strategic issues in organizational network analysis. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 39(3): 337-350. [pdf]

  • Borgatti, S.P. and Foster, P. 2003. The network paradigm in organizational research:  A review and typology. Journal of Management. 29(6): 991-1013 [pdf]

  • Borgatti, S.P. and Cross, R. 2003. A Relational View of Information Seeking and Learning in Social Networks. Management Science. 49(4): 432-445.[pdf]

  • Borgatti, S.P. Identifying sets of key players in a network. Computational, Mathematical and Organizational Theory. (Accepted) [pdf]

  • Cross, R. & Borgatti, S.P. The Ties That Share: Relational Characteristics that Facilitate Information Seeking. In M.H. Huysman and V. Wulf (Eds) Social Capital and IT. MIT Press: Cambridge. (Accepted) [pdf]

  • Cross, R., Borgatti, S.P., & Parker, A. 2001. Beyond Answers:  Dimensions of the Advice Network. Social Networks 23(3): 215-235. [pdf]

  • Jones, C., Hesterley, W. S., Fladmoe-Lindquist, K., & Borgatti, S. P. 1998. Professional service constellations: How strategies and capabilities influence collaborative stability and change. Organization Science, 9(3): 396-410. [pdf]

  • Jones, C., Hesterly, W. S., & Borgatti, S. P. 1997. A general theory of network governance: Exchange conditions and social mechanisms. Academy of Management Review, 22(4): 911‑945. [pdf]

Other network research

  • Online archive of 50+ published articles on social networks published by Steve Borgatti. [Go!]









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